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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 14, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EDT

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lives to pull the two wounded air forces to safety before killing the suspect. the 33-year-old man worked in private security but did not have a gun license. the man accused of setting off bombs last month in new jersey and new york city has not been arraigned on those charges yet, but the 28-year-old is pleading not guilty in connection with the shootout with new jersey police officers when >> reporter: bandaged and bedridden, the man accused of three bombings in new york and new jersey last month made his first appearance in court via video conference from his hospital room. >> were you provided with a copy of complaints charging you with various offenses from the city? >> reporter: his attorney at his bedside entered a plea on his behalf of not guilty to five counts of attempted murder of a
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was on a stretcher. he was cooperative in the arraignment answers questiyes t several questions, but no other statements. bail is set at 5.2 million. abc news, new york. fbi is stepping up efforts to dpiefind a man who is a seri kidnapper targeting children. he was seen walking down alley wearing a hat and hooded sweatshirt. they believe he took a 6-year-old girl from her home last may and a 10-year-old girl last february. both girls survived. this video of a father walking away from his daughter last weekend. he left the girl outside a college building in ogden, utah, stayed there all night in temperatures that dropped into the 30s.
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dad could be facing child abuse charges. amazon expects to hire 20% more workers for the holiday than last year. they plan to add 120,000 system positions. last year, about 14,000 temps graduated to regular full-time jobs, and amazon expects more will do so this year. analysts expect a strong holiday season for retailers this year. the news is not so good at hp, which plans to cut another 3,000 to 4,000 jobs over three years. hp hew lit packer was broken up, but the markets for printers are declining. they have 50,000 employees now, and cuts will be made across the board. >> i'll admit, i'm a washington nationals fan. so it pains me to report that the los angeles dodgers are the last team to join baseball's final four. in the bottom of the 7th, the nats got a two-run home run, and
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then in the bottom of the 9th, clayton kershaw came on in relief for the first time in seven years. kershaw got the final two outs, blah, blah, blah, advance to the national league championship series startsing tomorrow night in chicago. >> you delivered that story with so much enthusiasm. overwhelmed by the gusto. >> i feel bad for bryce harper, the team. they had a great season. 95 wins. >> it's going to be okay >> it's going to be all right. >> we'll get through it. >> we're whining about the cubs, but the franchise has not won ever. >> still rooting for the cubs. did you hear that? no? no. >> okay. >> in the closing months of his administration, president obama wants to be remembered as a friend of technology announcing more than $300 million in
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smarter city initiatives. >> president obama admitted that he's a treky and a techie. >> oh. >> i confess. i'm a science geek. i'm a nerd. and i don't make any apologies for it. i don't -- i don't make any apologies for it. it's cool stuff. >> so the president may have had the most fun piloting a simulator on a trip to the that's cool, actually. while he's unlikely to make the actual trip his friends here have a better chance. no doubt. >> we've seen him before visit these science fairs and hold these events. >> i'm seen him visit a car show and get excited because he doesn't get to drive, normally that we know it, in the last seven and a half years, and is geeked out by it. >> i remember in an event, teenagers built robots, and he couldn't focus on the interview
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coming up, how this year's presidential race is fuelling anger off the campaign trail and how the battle between hillary clinton and donald trump is turning toxic for americans of all political stripes both online and in real life. what you need to know about keeping everything civil. a new honor for a man no stranger to social people, who had timeless lyrics. great bob die lyl a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. ? approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind,
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written by the one and only bob dylan. >> and now the timely lyrics have been elevated to the company of ts elliot and more. here's david mu rirkir. >> reporter: it's been six decades since dylan changed music forever. ? ? >> reporter: the nobel committee shocking everyone in the room. >> bob dylan. >> reporter: and then the first american to win the nobel for literature in more than 20 years and first time ever awarded to a musician. so many of bob dylan's lyrics with profound meaning. anthems for the civil rights movement. ? for the times they are
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generation. ? ? >> reporter: in 1965, writing one of his greatest song of all time. ? once upon a time oh so find >> reporter: like a rolling stone was his masterpiece. ? like a rolling stone ? ? ? coming up, politics and social media. how to share how you feel and stay on speaking terms with your friends and family even. next. "world news now" continues
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? ? >> okay. there's a lot of people talking online, much of it negative from all sides in this year's presidential race. we can play that forever. >> now, many people are now unfriending long-time friends, and even family members, not only on facebook, but actually in real life. abc's got some tips for us.
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reality. >> reporter: the election is not just playing out in the political arena, but among family and friends. >> basically got into huge rapts. >> reporter: so far this year on facebook alone, over 100 million people have been sharing their thoughts about the campaign. frequently fuelling animosity on line. >> i almost have no filter. that's any problem. >> reporter: which is what happened between 25-year-old democrat tiana and her republican parents. >> i tend to get really and really, i think, sad more than anything. i really, at this point, couldn't disagree anymore with my parents. >> when things are hurtful, i made her cry before, but by saying things -- >> reporter: their family relationship getting increasingly rocky after both sides refuse to dial down political positions on social media saying, you disgust me, and i expected better. just a few examples of the
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and, eventually, i blocked him, and he got upset and angry. >> several times she's blocked me, and after we make things up, and i promise not to post on her site again, but we do a lot of finger pointing. she posts on mine first, once you post on mine, it's fair game. >> it's not surprising that family and friends are getting into feuds on social media. to happen, say, around the dinner table, are now moved to online. people feel more comfortable talking on line. >> reporter: to save the family, they are working through differences, so they are still on speaking terms and decided to no longer talk about the elephant or donkey in the room. >> push comes to shove, we're family. >> people get heated on social media. i'm afraid to look at my feed. >> i know. just don't post on it.
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time now for insomniac theater. we check out two movies opening this weekend. >> if you turn batman into an autistic bookkeeper, you get "the books for the world's most criminal organizations until he takes on a new client with an eager and submmitden account an the treasury department starts to close in. >> this is where you live? >> it's a storage unit. don't be weird. >> that's what would be weird. >> my clients might follow me. >> why would clients follow you.
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how do you know what to do here? why are you prepared for this? >> this is on wheels, i can hook it up and be gone in minutes. >> sarcasm! is that sarcasm? >> the critics shoot from the hip giving it 49% splat on rotten tomatoes. one writes, while audiences wait for batman, this unusual thriller is just mic book-like enough to tide another gives a back handed compliment, there are worse movies. >> okay. there are worse movies. next, kevin hart documents record-breaking stadium show in philadelphia, and kevin hart what now the sold out show filmed live in august in front of 53,000 people, marking the first time a standup comedian ever performed to a football stadium packed to capacity. >> oh, wow. >> at the airport, i know where
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this is what i hear, kevin hart, i want to get a picture with you. putting the phone over my stall. the fear that went through my body of looking up and seeing a camera flash. i was scared because i didn't put toilet paper on the toilet seat. i didn't have time. i didn't want my fan base to know i raw butt these toilet seats. >> the critics are all fans giving hart a solid 81% on rotten tomatoes, with zingers of their own. the delivery helps the mediocre jokes land, and's writings, most fans will leave the theater happy, but it's hard to imagine anyone quoting this special next month, much less in 30 years. >> nice to have a comic special. >> won't last forever, but good
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump fights back as more accusers come forward. >> allegations of sexual misconduct dog his campaign as he denies reports including the latest allegedly involving his wife. we'll have the latest on the growing controversy. monster storm in the making a rare and direct hit on bermuda. the winds wreaking havoc. a 911 operator accused of hanging up on callers, possibly thousands of them, including one of a store robbery that turned deadly. the charges she's facing. a baby elephant thinking
3:01 am
see what happens next will melt your heart on friday, october 14th. from abc news, this is "world news now". good morning to you all. happy friday. we begin this half hour with donald trump on the defensive emphatically denying a string of sexual assault allegations and taking aim at his accusers. >> dismissing claims that he groped and kissed women without their consent calling them outright lies andid campaign and media of perpetuating the stories and claims he has evidence to dispute them. >> trump's wife tweeted a letter from her lawyer demanding retraction from "people" magazine, specifically denies she had an encounter with an accuser after the alleged assault. david wright as more. >> reporter: a growing list of women are accusing donald trump of inappropriate conduct, including sexual assault.
3:02 am
than locker room talk. >> kissing them, and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. you can do anything. >> reporter: asked point blank about the statements. >> are you saying what you said on the bus 11 years ago you did not kiss women without consent or grope women without consent? >> i have great respect for women, no one has more respect than i women have respect for me, and i will tell you -- >> have you done those things? >> no, i have not. >> reporter: unequivocal no, but some trump supporters fear it opens the flood gates for more to come forward. >> like an octopus, six arms, just all over the place. >> reporter: new york times published stories of two women, one jessica leeds, said trump assaulted her more than thirty years ago on an paper after being upgraded to first class on a business trip.
3:03 am
man, blond, tall, introduced himself as donald trump. >> reporter: and in the middle of the flight -- >> somehow or another, the armrest in the seat disappeared, and it was a real shock when all the sudden his hands were all over me. he had stuck with the upper part of the body, i might not have gotten -- i might not have gotten that upset, but had he started skirt, and that was it. that was it. i -- i was out of there. >> reporter: leeds is now a supporter of hillary clinton. >> these claims are all fabricated. they are pure fiction. they are outright lies. these events never, ever happened. >> reporter: trump threatened to sue the times for libel demanding the paper retract the story and publish an apology. the times declined.
3:04 am
incysting the women spoke out on an issue of national importance. it would have been a disservice not just to our readers, but to democracy itself to silence their voices, and there were other voices too. among them natasha, a reporter for "people" magazine who profiled the billionaire and his wife who was pregnant. while his wife was out of the room, trump us, and within seconds, pushed me against the wall and forced his tongue down my throat. i was grateful when trump's long time butler burst into the room a minute later as i tried to unpin myself. as they waited for her to return, trump leaned in said, you know we're going to have an affair, don't you? trump denies that happening asking why she would have left explosive details out of the
3:05 am
>> you take a look. take a look. look at her. look at her words. tell me what you think. i don't think so. i don't think so. >> reporter: none of the women filed former complaints against trump at the time, all saying they felt powerless to challenge him. people magazine reporter said she told her editor and asked never again to be assigned to the trump. abc news, new york. michelle the lewd comments for the first time saying the comments shook her to the core. >> visibly emotional at a campaign rally for hillary clinton in nemplsz. she never mentioned trump by name, but denounced him for bragging about sexual predatory behavior and can't be dismissed as locker room banter. >> it's like a sick sinking feeling you get when you walk down the street, minding your own business, and some guy yells
3:06 am
when you see that guy at work that stands just a little bit too close, stares a little too long, it makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. it's that feeling of terror and violation that too many women have felt when someone has grabbed them or forced himself on them, and they've said no, but he didn't listen. something that we know happens on college campuses and countless other places every single day. >> president obama greeted the first lady last night in ohio, and said if anyone needs to be convinced to vote for clinton, watch his wife's speech and blamed republicans for the rise of donald trump. >> we want to get to other headlines now. bermuda is recovering after taking a pummelling from hurricane nicole. the storm seen from space rolling across the resort island with winds up to 115 miles per hour.
3:07 am
powerful winds knocking down so many power lines, just about the entire island was in the dark. this morning, we're told more than 20,000 customers there are still without power. bermuda's airport, however, is expect ed to reopen today. what's left of nicole has weakened and spinning further out into the atlantic. new drone video from north carolina shows flooding emergency there is nowhere near an end. that's the river well out o banks. north carolina's governor says parts of one town are still under up to 12 feet of water, all left behind my hurricane matthew, of course. the death toll continues to rise. 41 deaths are now blamed on the storm in the u.s. and its aftermath. pentagon confirms mission to retaliate on attacks of the u.s. navy ships in the red sea was successful. missiles destroyed three radar sites in yemen where rebel sites are active.
3:08 am
week. the first time in recent memory a u.s. warship was targeted by missiles. 21 schoolgirls in nigeria kidnapped two years ago were freed this morning for detained members for boko haram. they abducted 276 girls, and nearly 200 of the girls are still missing. a man accused of setting off bombs in new york and pled not guilty to charges he tried to kill police officers before they captured him. he entered the plea from his hospital bed through a video link. he answered the judge's questions in plain voice. >> were you provided a copy of complaints charging you with various defenoffenses? >> yes. >> the 28-year-old afghan-born u.s. citizen is recovering from
3:09 am
bail is set at $5.2 million. he's not been arained on bombing charges. taking steps to overcome overheating electronic devices. airlines are equipping planes with what are called fire containment bags. they range from cell phone size to much larger because it's not just phones that caused on-board fire scares, but other battery powered devices as well. >> officials at the zoo are looking how a silver backed gorilla escaped. the gorilla got out of the den and into a secured zoo keeper area, but never made it into the main part of the zoo. he was on the loose for less than an hour before being tranquilized and being recaptured. some zoo visitors were locked in a cafeteria for safety. it's official. there's a new record for the
3:10 am
in texas. >> not that we're counting. >> there he is. 13 feet, 8 inches long, and get this, 900 pounds. >> wow. the giant creature caught by a grew in texas. they said he had become a nuance in the lake where he was living. the record was a big deal for the guys who made it happen. >> highlight of my career. this is a really big alligator. >> state never seen a gator within 5 inches within the size of that one. the plan is to create a new popd at the wildlife park where the gator will live to have plenty of space to hang out and -- >> new digs. >> yeah. >> we can tell you where we're not vacationing. >> a wildlife park official says don't feed alligators if you see one. stay at least 50-75 feet away from them. we'll stay here in new york away
3:11 am
fired for allegedly hanging up on callers. >> police say she may have cut off thousands of emergency calls including a robbery that turned into a homicide. what we're learning this morning about the charges that she's now facing. and social media has been buzzing about the new trailer for rogue 1, the much anticipated star wars film. nick watt breaks down the secretings fans are sharing. find us on facebook at and twitter at abcwnn. you're watching "world news
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a news helicopter hovering overhead, rescue workers spent five hours using cameras and digging up a drainpipe north of boston, and then two dogs inside were rescued safely. the pets chased another animal into the culvert and then became trapped about 65 feet into it. rescuers used a probe to force the dogs out. bo fine as are their owners i'm sure. in houston, someone who is to answer rescue calls hangs occupy on them instead. >> the operator is facing charges of hanging up on possibly thousands of calls, including one involving a homicide. here's clayton sandell with the story. >> what's your emergency? >> reporter: 911 is a lifeline during emergencies, but in
3:16 am
needed help. >> i just thought my phone dropped the call. >> reporter: he called in march to report cars racing down a freeway, but investigators allege williams disconnected him on purpose saying ain't nobody got time for this. >> come to find out, i was hung up on. >> reporter: digging deeper, they discovered over six months she may have hung up on thousands of callers, incoming a man reporting a robbery at a store where a killed. williams still is not talking. williams has now been charged with interfering with an emergency call, a misdemeanor, but also been fired. abc news, denver. and apparently supervisors picked up on this when they noticed the call logs had a high amount of calls and high amount of calls that were just 20 seconds. >> amazing, isn't it? there were several cases, at least one of the calls was for a
3:17 am
but, you have to think how alarming, thousands of calls from october 2015 and march of this year. coming up in the next half hour, the judge caught on video leaping off the bench leaping into action. >> what happened in the courtroom and what happened after the judge pulled off his robe. release of the upcoming highly anticipated star wars "world news now" continues
3:18 am
? ? not even 24 hours after our parent company, disney, release
3:19 am
star wars movie, it's racked up nearly 24 million views on youtube. >> amazing. so what exactly does the trailer tell us? what? what? abc's nick watt breaks it all down. >> we have hope. rebellions are built on hope. >> reporter: now crystal clear, this is the movie. >> she's incredibly determined. she's an absolute survivor. at the same time, she has moments of great she's not a perfect human being. >> reporter: we know her dad. >> whatever i do, i'm going to protect you. >> i understand. >> reporter: i don't, but anywaanyway -- >> you will see me with people you know already. for sure.
3:20 am
involved, but they're teasing us. we know why it's called "rock one." >> requesting a call sign, it's rogue. rogue one. >> reporter: there's the fighter. the plot. busted out of an imperial jail to aide the rebellion. >> what is this? >> it appears he's critical to superweapon. >> if my father built this ting thing, we have to find him. >> reporter: the same plans that end up inside r2d2. >> there has to be something to do. >> reporter: this movie takes place shortly before they get busy. there's speculation they might be related to daisy's mother?
3:21 am
the rebels clear, the force is strong. >> make ten men feel like a hundred. >> reporter: based on the trailer, i say it doesn't make it out of london. >> save the dream. >> looking for things that may result in a little bit of sadness with a lot of hope. >> oh. don't tell me. >> so many more questions. >> we got so many answers, oh, man. >> all right. well, lots of "star wars" halloween costumes, i imagine. >> a lot of ideas. we're asking for your ideas with the #wnncostumes. last year, i was dressed up, you might not have noticed -- >> oh, yeah! >> i was -- that was me.
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starting the mix on this friday with an adorable video for you in thailand where a sanctuary worker seemingly got swept away in the stream, but he was all right, but, yet, this little elephant that he's been nursing for a little while thought he was in tr to rescue him. he didn't need the rescuing, but it was the first time they realized how much affection this tiny elephant had. >> he just went after him. >> the other elephants were, like, we've seen this before. >> we'll put this in the category of mom would not approve. >> okay. >> this is a dad who comes up
3:26 am
his son. a leaf blower. >> ha-ha! >> puts the legs up and dad chases him with a leaf blower. >> oh! >> this is why mom probably would not approve. however, they ended up submitted the video to "america's funniest home videos", we guess the little one is okay, but it looks fun. >> oh! i'm sure the kid was fine. he had a helmet. it's polka. ? hey election got you down ? ? come on, let's polka ? ? presidential choices stink ? ? vote for this banana ? ? a candidate with true appeal and hair is reel ? ? vote for this banana ? ? there's no cholesterol ? ? won't delete e-mails and
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump is pushing back against allegations of sexual assault. we'll tell you the latest claims and who the trump campaign says is behind the release of the report. with now just 25 days left until election day. in a rare move, michelle obama emotional in a speech sounding offn headlines surrounding trump. hear why former president bill clinton calls it the best speech of the entire campaign season. and new this half hour, courtroom chaos caught on video. >> what led to a judge to jump from the bench, rip his robe off, and get physical with a defendant? what court officials are saying about that. and check out this heart-stopping video. a great white somehow managed to get inside a diving cage
3:31 am
the diver trapped inside too. we'll show you how it all ends on this friday, october 14th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we do have a brief correction about that video you just saw. that's actually just video of the campaign season. it has nothing to do with, you know, anything out of the open sea. >> a lot of sharks and cages. >> a lot of sharks, fighting, a whole lot going on, and speaking of don fiery attack on his accusers facing mountain allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior. >> trump says claims he aggressively kissed, grabbed, and groped at at least four women are pure fiction and suggesting they were all orchestrated by the media and hillary clinton. >> this as clinton and her powerful surrogates take aim at trump. the new york times is refusing to retract the story despite a looming lawsuit. it's your voice, your vote, and
3:32 am
>> reporter: the trump campaign reeling from new accusations of inappropriate conduct including sexual assault. >> these people are horrible people. they are horrible, horrible liars. >> reporter: the women who did not report their alleges to authorities at the time came forward after the recent release of donald trump's 2005 boast about women, comments trump claimed were just locker room talk. >> just kissing them, like a magnet, just, when you're a star, they let you do it. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. do anything. >> reporter: accuser jessica leed, a hillary clinton supporter, told the new york times trump sat next to her on a plane more than 30 years ago. >> how somehow or another, the armrest in the seat disappeared all the sudden. his hands were all over me. he was like an octopus. it was like he had six arms. he was all over the place. >> reporter: clinton reacted
3:33 am
keep coming, but it's more than just the way he degrades women as horrible as that is. >> reporter: clinton fundraising with powerful help on the trail. >> an election where we have consistently been hearing hurtful, hateful language about women. language that has been painful for so many of us. >> every time he talks, for this office. >> reporter: trump received backup from his running mate. >> he's categorically denied any of those allegations. >> reporter: trump says there's evidence to prove his accusers are lying. he didn't give a timetable but says he'll release information soon. diane, kendis? >> thanks. we saw that snip from michelle obama, her reactions to trump, but she had more to say about
3:34 am
hillary clinton in new hampshire. >> delivering that indictment of of trump's behavior in the access hollywood's video saying she feels this personally. more now from abc's cecila. >> reporter: in new hampshire, michelle obama with something to get off her chest. >> i can't believe i'm saying that a candidate for president of the united states has bragged about sexually assaulting women. and i have to tell you that i -- i can't stop thinking this. it has shaken me to my core in a way that i couldn't have predicted. >> reporter: her first public comments sense the now infamous donald trump video emerged. >> this was not just a lewd conversation. this was not just locker room banter. this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior, and actually bragging about kissing
3:35 am
worried about our children hearing it when we turn on the tv. >> reporter: campaigning for hillary clinton, but spending most of her time on stage blasting donald trump. >> the shameful comments about our bodies, the disrespect of our ambitions and intellect, the belief that you can do anything you want to a woman? it is cruel. it's frightening. and the truth is, it >> reporter: hillary clinton leaving the hard hits to her surrogates while she rallied campaign volunteers. >> we're not just going to win. we are going to take the confident, the optimism, and, yes, the love and kindness with us to the white house. >> reporter: and former president bill clinton was asked to weigh in about the allegations of sexual assault by donald trump, and his answer? michelle obama gave the best
3:36 am
moved on. abc news, new york. a car bomb has exploded at a rebel check point in syria. the blast went off killing at least 20 people. most of them militant fighters, although the exact death toll is still unclear. a joint russian syria offensive drove the rebels from aleppo earlier this year, and in a new interview this morning on russian tv, syria president assad hinted at more bloods shed for the shattered city saying more blasts would liberate other areas from those he calls terrorists. the united nation elected a new secretary general, antonio guterres, and formally the u.n. chief of refugee, and guterres says world peace will be his overarching priority. he takes over for ban ki moon on january 1st.
3:37 am
brunt of a series of storms, high turf, strong wind, and heavy rain hits the area now through sunday. gusts could reach 80 miles per hour. coastal areas could see more than a foot of rain raising concerns about flash flooding and mud slides. here's what you should not do when a major hurricane blows through. that's a man in bermuda standing outside as hurricane nicole's 115 miles per hour winds blew across the island. the storm knocked out pow 95% of bermuda's customers, and very few had their power restored. nicole is spinie ing spin spinn further, and the airport expected to reopen today. two boston police officers fighting for their lives after what officials called a ferocious fire fight. cops responded to a domestic violence call, a man saying his roommate threatened him with a knife, but when they got there, they faced a man in body armor
3:38 am
>> over 30 shots. >> police speeding down the street, like, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> officers timely shot and killed the suspect and pulled the two wounded cops out. both are still in critical condition, but they are expected to survive. officials do not believe this was an ambush of the police. there's a new zika zone in miami. two women and three men contracted the disease in a one square mile area. three live there, two worked there or recently visited. than a month after another miami naked was declared free of the virus. florida's governor said the state has not yet received any federal funds to fight zika. imagine the surprise of adventurers off the coast of mexico when a great white shark pushed its way inside a shark cage. to be clear, this is to keep sharks out, after injuring itself, he pops out of the top after someone opened the cage. look at this.
3:39 am
the shark. diver comes out a moment later very shaken, but otherwise unharmed. >> oh, my god. >> lucky diver. >> that is -- that was his last dive. ever. >> you think? >> like, i'm good. >> oh, look, that's so cool being so close, oh -- >> yeah. i'm done. >> no thank you. >> uh-huh. let's call this an epic customer fail, shall we? it happened in an electronics store in outfit. makes his way over to the tvs. >> oh, that's great. >> he checked it out maybe a little too close. >> oh. >> oh! >> oh. >> oh, oh! >> so he knocks over the tvs, and then when he is surprised by that, he backs up and knocks over the two behind him. >> take a listen.
3:40 am
$6,000 worth of televisions hitting the floor. what we don't know is whether the guy had to pay for any of the damage. i don't know. i'm skeptical about this one. >> you think it's a fake? >> look at how the tvs were set up. it was asking for a domino effect. >> that is true. >> uh-huh. >> and they, why are they not facing out towards the customer so you're looking at the screen? >> yes. >> why are you looking at the profile of the tv? >> oh, my. >> mist busters. >> the ross unit on it. coming up, order in the court. the defendant pushed one too many of the judge's buttons forcing him to leap down from the bench and rip off his robe. what happened next? chris rock is returning to tv with a vengeance and staggers multimillion dollar deal with netflix. we'll have the full story ahead
3:41 am
"world news now" weather is
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what was it abo what was it about this car in turkey that made these dogs want to tear it apart? was there a hunk of meat inside the engine come partme compartm with a glazed ham? what was it? all we know for sure is that the car was owned by a mechanic, and before the dogs were done, it
3:45 am
lights, and some of the trim. >> they went to town on that car. >> they did. here at home, a judge outside detroit apparently does not like to be crossed. >> we're getting that look because of newly released video showing a jackson county michigan circuit county judge growing increasingly angry with the defendant during a hearing last december about personal protection order violation, but when the man starts mouthing off to the judge, he talks himself right into a jail sentence. >> i want her to tell me to >> i told you to leave her alone, and that didn't get through loud and clear so today you're going to jail for three days. >> you and her are buddy-buddy. you all get along. >> 45 days county jail. >> [ bleep ]. >> 93 days. want to go for a year? try it right now. one more year out of you, it's a year. you'll go for a year.
3:46 am
so when the court officer tries to escort the defendant out of the courtroom, the war of words is physical as the judge jumps down from the bench, ripped off the robe and rushed to help the officer. >> put your hands behind your head right now! >> the defendant did not end up getting tazed. the judge said it's the first time he did something like this, but does not regret doing it. >> officials who reviewed the anything wrong and was trying to maintain order in the court. but those are quite some sentencing guidelines. one more word and it's two years in jail. >> yeah. the case apparently centered around an order of protection, restraining order, accused of being in violation of it, and the woman, he said she asked for it or something, and the judge has now rescued himself from the case because he may be a witness in the case now.
3:47 am
signs are record breaking deal, and what alex talk about on
3:48 am
? ?
3:49 am
with chris rock's big return to the small screen. >> after an eight year absence, rock returns to television as a standup comic signing a massive deal with netflix. two standup specials for $40 million. that is a record for any standup comedian. >> not a bad payday. the hollywood reporter says the first rock show will tape next year following a new world tour. still unclear when that first show will air or when the second one will tape and be released. >> recently, rock hosted the "empire," and won an emmy for directing the amy schumer special. >> for those keeping track, he's a four-time emmy winner, three grammys, and a best selling author. >> love him. so excited. >> all right. yeah. >> so good. a major announcement to delight harry potter fans. >> a fan event widely regarded as a spinoff series, the author
3:50 am
>> rowling mentioned she's planning five beast films rather than just three. >> huh. the declaration shows rowling and warner brothers are confident the well is not run dry for more fantastic stories set in a fantasy world, but she did take to twitter to clarify that there will be only five films, not at least five. >> squashing hopes for more. >> yes. >> the first release november 18th. >> our friend alex tribek in jeopardy, you might say. >> facing backlash as he made fun of a contestant's music. >> video games, science fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners. you know, it's catchy and fun.
3:51 am
>> well -- >> it was not that contestant who had the last laugh. winning the game, and walking away with nearly $23,000. >> not a loser after all. >> not a loser after all. >> so alex is getting heat for the comment. >> understandably. >> he was clearly just looking for a laugh. i don't think he meant it that way, but probably one of those things that did not come out the way he intended. finally, a serious sign of the times showing ago the '90s were. >> you may recall the 90s and 90210 about teenage angst in the world of the young and overprivileged. >> turning luke perry into a teenage idol, but now he's old enough for aarp. this is a magazine cover wishing perry a happy 50th birthday. >> perry looking like brian
3:52 am
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? ? all right. we've been battered this week by headlines about locker room talk, of course, while, of course, much of north carolina was battered by flooding. >> there was bright spots like a tearful reunion and win for a folk music legend. here now is our weekly friday rewind. >> he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is, but i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is. >> this was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it. i apologize to my family. i apologize to the american people. certainly, i'm not proud of it.
3:56 am
anyone for that matter, not even in the locker room. >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> our state is facing major destruction and, sadly, loss of life. >> here along the coastal communities, it's a that wind pushing that storm surge on to land creating a water world in every direction. >> the waves were so big, they came crashing up and over this nine foot storm wall, pushing these boulders all through this neighborhood. plane crash was intentional. >> i saw a small ring burst, and it started to smoke, sizzle, and burn. >> i saw smoke, and i threw it on the floor. >> thank you for bringing me home! >> my dad looked at me, and i showed him, and it's the same outfit. immediately, took the ride, went straight to security. >> thank you to you because
3:57 am
>> lives matter, people matter, this young man, he mattered. so, for me, just the first instinct was to be with him, pray for him at a time when maybe so much was focused on you and the game, but it's not what really matters at the end of the day. >> bob dylan for having created new poetic expressions with the great american song tradition. ? for the times they are a-changing ? ? ? >> a big week ahead, the third and final presidential debate on wednesday in nevada. >> paul mccartney was robbed. he should have won the nobel prize in literature. >> i was wondering if you were just going to leave that out there or if you were going to explain it. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomnia
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making news in america this morning, donald trump is hitting back at hillary clinton and the women accusing him of sexual advances. also a new interview with clinton says she felt like trump was stalking her on the debate stage. extreme weather, hurricane nicole slams bermuda. the rare storm tearing across that tin new video of the damage just coming in. plus, bracing for days of several storms on the west coast. chaos in the courtroom. a judge leaves the bench, rips off his robe and gets involved in a scuffle. and a shark scare. a great white pounces on a cage, gets in between the bars with a diver inside.


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